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Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are so common that chances are you have been (or will be) involved in several such accidents during the course of your lifetime. Thankfully, some accidents are not serious in nature; these simple “fender benders” result in a few dents in the car and nothing more. However, in many instances car accidents cause a great deal of injury or even death. In yet other cases, a car accident may not seem to cause injury at first but injuries do appear at a later date. Back, neck and shoulder pain may be the result of an auto accident that occurred months or even years ago and can leave a person partially or even fully debilitated.

If you have been in an auto accident, it is important to immediately take pictures of the scene if you can. It is also important to see a doctor to ensure that you have not suffered hidden injuries. Taking action immediately after the accident will reduce the odds of your legitimate claims for compensation being dismissed.

If you and/or others in the car have been injured in the accident, we encourage you to seek legal help as soon as possible. We have a winning track record for personal injury cases in Alice, TX and can help you handle your case in a professional, efficient manner. We do not charge you a single dime until we have either won your case or negotiated a favorable settlement on your behalf.

We will not only gather evidence and witnesses but also determine who to sue for compensation. Most drivers assume that if they are not at fault, then it must be the fault of the other driver; however, this is not always the case. If the driver is a minor, then the fault rests with the parents. If the driver was driving a company vehicle on the job, then the fault rests with the employer. In yet other cases, the fault may rest with the car’s manufacturer if the manufacturer created a defective vehicle or vehicle design.

Recovering from an auto accident is hard enough without having to add the hassle of dealing with insurance bureaucracy, medical bills and legal issues. We can take the legal matters off your hands to provide you with the time and space you need to recover and get your life back. We will create a winning case on your behalf and provide you with the representation that you need to earn the compensation you deserve.