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Criminal Law

A criminal record resulting from a conviction of a misdemeanor or felony can have severe consequences.  Our law firm takes pride in helping our clients obtain justice. If you have been charged with a crime, please feel free to set up a consultation at your earliest opportunity.

Our attorneys are very knowledgable about the imbalance of material resources in the Texas criminal justice system.  Both of our attorneys are former felony and misdemeanor prosecutors for Jim Wells County.   The State of Texas has access to vast resources such as a staff of lawyers, expert witnesses, sophisticated crime labs and a large budget, giving the State of Texas a large advantage over a defendant.

At Carvajal Smithwick Garcia, LLP we work to provide legal advice, representation, and results to clients accused of crimes throughout the State of Texas. Our lawyers appreciate the importance of defending the rights of the accused, and use all available means to ensure that our clients receive a high caliber of legal representation.

Being charged with a crime is certainly a daunting experience. If you need legal representation for an alleged criminal act, please feel free to schedule a consultation with our lawyers.