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DWI & Occupational Licenses

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is illegal and can lead to not only the loss of your drivers license, but also to the imposition of substantial fines and possible jail time.  In the State of Texas, once a person is twice convicted of a DWI, the third DWI can rise to the felony level and even harsher penalties can be imposed.

The first thing to know about DUI and DWI is that it is illegal to attempt to flee from a police officer who is signaling you to stop.  Also, when arrested for a DWI in Texas, your drivers license is automatically suspended for a period of time.  If you were driving while under the influence, our law firm can help you obtain justice.  In the State of Texas, harsher penalties are imposed on drivers with CDL licenses and our lawyers can defend your rights in an ALR hearing.  Our law firm can also assist you in defending your DUI and DWI case and obtaining an occupational license.

No matter how, where or why you were stopped and charged with a DWI, we can help you. Our attorneys will examine your situation carefully to determine the best course of action.  Whether this is your first offense or not, getting legal assistance can help you get through your situation in an efficient manner.