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Your estate is the total net worth of all your assets. It includes valuable physical items (i.e. antique furniture, valuable paintings, and precious metals), money in the bank, investments and real estate. Ensuring that these are properly distributed upon your demise requires the help of an estate lawyer, also known as a probate lawyer.

Our job is to help you make a list of all your assets, determine who you want to give your wealth to upon your death and then write your wishes down. We will also help you note who should get what if one of the beneficiaries of the will dies before you do. Once this document is drawn up and you sign it, it is your last will and testament. You can alter this document with our help at any time before you pass on.

After your death, the person whom you have named as executor of your estate will handle the estate in the manner you have outlined in the will. He or she will sell assets that you have requested be sold upon your death, pay your creditors and then distribute the remaining funds as you have outlined. This is done under the supervision of probate court. Family members and/or creditors can appeal to the court at any time if they feel that they are not being given the money that is due to them.

Thankfully, you can avoid most challenges that would be made to your will if you draw up the will with legal help from our firm. We are an unbiased third party that will not put pressure on you to give money to a particular charity or individual. We will ensure that there is no room for misunderstandings in your will as your desires will be clearly spelled out. As we are familiar with probate law in the state, we will ensure that the law is followed in regards to providing for a spouse and/or children. Working with us will ensure that your death does not wreak emotional and financial havoc on your family.