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Juvenile Offenses

Adolescence is a time when many individuals act first and think later. Unfortunately, bad decisions as a juvenile can possibly leave a person with a lifelong criminal record that will impede his or her education and future career.  Juveniles that surround themselves with bad company may often regret their decisions but lack the courage needed to break free from their peers.  If you are a parent and your teenager is being accused of committing one or more crimes, we encourage you to seek legal help as soon as possible. His or her future depends on getting the proper expert legal assistance in a timely manner.

There are a wide range of juvenile offenses. These range from status offenses such as truancy, underage drinking and violating a local curfew to more serious offenses such as possession of marijuana or drugs, theft and fraud. In serious instances (i.e. cases involving accusations of rape, murder or attempted murder) the prosecution may move to have the underage juvenile tried as an adult.

After examining the evidence, we will make a recommendation as to how to proceed. Our priority is to not only keep a young person out of jail if at all possible but also prevent criminal charges from ruining his or her future. For this reason, we will work hard with the prosecuting agency.

Getting legal help at the onset will enable us to ensure your case is properly handled from inception. Even seemingly unimportant comments or actions can make the difference between spending time in jail and having charges properly handled.  To discuss the particulars of your case, feel free to contact us by phone or email or make an appointment with one of our local attorneys.