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Medical Malpractice

There are many possible grounds in which one can sue for medical malpractice.  Medical malpractice claims extend to other persons in the medical profession, including nurses, dentists and licensed chiropractors.  Handling a medical malpractice claim properly may prevents inefficient, unethical or sub-par doctors from continuing to practice medicine.

Naturally, there are some instances where a doctor may not be at fault and a malpractice claim cannot be raised. Individuals who have disregarded a doctor’s instructions and failed to tell a doctor about certain health issues, allergies and medications being used cannot blame a doctor if treatment is unsuccessful.

At Carvajal Smithwick Garcia, LLP, we have experience in working with people who have been harmed by medical malpractice.  If you are not sure whether your care warrants legal action, please contact us immediately. We will be happy to discuss the details of your experience with you and give you advice on how to proceed.