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Separation Agreements

A husband and wife who are seriously considering getting a divorce may find that entering into a legal separation agreement is a good idea. Such an agreement enables both parties to work out thorny issues such as property division, payment of joint debts and child custody in a fairly straightforward, amicable manner.

In some cases couples are able to work out such an agreement on their own. However, in almost all cases, a separation agreement is best done with professional legal help. Separation can be a traumatic, emotional time even if both parties are happy to be apart from each other and it’s all too easy to forget assets or debts or misunderstand a person’s verbal and/or written statements. A good lawyer is an unbiased party who is not emotionally involved in the separation and can thus ensure that the agreement has no omissions, mistakes or room for misinterpretation.

Our legal team at Carvajal Smithwick Garcia, LLP has a great deal of experience in helping Jim Wells County residents who want to separate and draw up a formal plan. We ensure that nothing is left to change, outlining small details such as who gets the family pet along with large, important details such as what happens with the joint 401K account. We go over the agreement with a fine tooth comb and can guarantee that there will be no mistakes once we are done with the document. We can also help to mediate disagreements between you and your spouse, enabling both sides to see things in an unemotional manner so as to make wise decisions that will benefit all parties involved.

While some couples opt to get back together after being legally separated for some time, in many cases a separation agreement is a prelude to a divorce. That is why it is important to ensure that the legal agreement covers everything and leaves nothing to chance. We look out for your best interests when helping you and your spouse draw up such a document to ensure that you get the best possible deal. We can help you resolve disputes speedily and amicably, go over your assets and liabilities to ensure that nothing is left out of the agreement (and that one spouse is not hiding assets that should be divided equally) and write a child custody agreement that will suit the children’s needs and provide them the loving care they need and deserve.