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Serious Injury and Death

It’s impossible to accurately determine the value of a person’s life.  Death and serious injury can be even harder to handle if it is caused by the negligent actions of another party.

If an accident has taken the life of one or more of your loved ones and has left other loved ones seriously injured, we will carefully examine your case to ensure that all guilty parties are held accountable.

We will also help you look at the aftermath of the incident to determine how much compensation, if any, you can possibly receive.  In certain circumstances, several forms of compensation are available to those who have lost a close relative.  If warranted, filing a lawsuit against the person and/or company responsible for your injuries and/or death in the family may also prevent others from having to suffer in the same way that you have.  A lawsuit may not only award you fair compensation, but also put measures in place to ensure that careless individuals and/or companies are not in a position to harm others in the future.  At Carvajal Smithwick Garcia, LLP, we handle such cases with the care and tenderness they deserve.