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Wills are not just for the elderly. Anyone who has a considerable amount of assets and a clear idea of who he or she would like to give these assets to upon death should draw up a last will and testament. A will can spare bereaved loved ones the grief of having to divide up the property without clear guidance; it can also eliminate the need for long, drawn out court cases to determine who gets what. Furthermore, a will outlines who is owed what, ensuring that there are no surprises as to which creditors need to be paid from the estate’s funds.

Because drawing up a will is not something you will want to do without legal help, we recommend that you make an appointment with us at your convenience. We are familiar with Texas probate law and can help those who inherit your estate avoid having to pay a high inheritance tax. We will ensure that your will is clear so that there is no room for misunderstandings, making it easy for the executor and/or probate court to disburse the funds in the way you feel is best.

There are many ways in which you can leave behind property and/or funds to those you care about. You may opt to set up a trust fund (more about this in the Trust section), bequeath property or other physical assets to certain individuals or have all goods sold and the funds disbursed evenly. Depending on the nature and monetary value of your assets and liabilities, we will give you personal counsel as to which disbursal option is best for your situation. At the same time, we are completely open to your wishes and desires and will ensure that these are clearly stated in your will.

Another advantage of getting legal help with your will is that it guarantees there are no legal mistakes that would cause the will to be declared invalid. If you forget about certain assets or liabilities and/or fail to specify what should happen if one or more benefactors pass on before you, this could cause serious problems for the executor of your will and/or the family members left behind. We will go over your will with a fine tooth comb to ensure there is no chance of it being challenged and the assets being distributed in a manner that you would disapprove of.